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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Building Sapo

While I was in Aspen I participated in a very unusual experience...at least for me ;-)

If you know me well...you know that I'm quite useless at anything that involves being "handy". I feel already quite proud of myself every time I change a light bulb, at putting a nail on the wall or at building some uncomplicated Ikea furniture. So you can imagine that building "something" from "scratch" it's a WHOLE eye-opening experience for me.

During my last time in Peru, while a group of us was in Cuzco we played a typical Peruvian game called Sapo. This game needs a wooden structure where the "sapo" (frog) stands with the mouth open and where the players try to throw the coins from a distance. While we were there Murphy bought the sapo and the coins and he said that he was going to build it back home.

The first day I saw Murphy in Aspen I asked him about "sapo". And he had totally forgotten about it...so we decided to spend a day building it.

Tuesday 20th: Jason, Murphy and me got to work!

Ok, lets be honest it was Murphy directing and being really handy, Jason who pretty much had a very good idea of what was going on and how to use the "exotic" tools ;-) and me taking photos of the whole "operation". After one hour of me taking photos of the guys and being amazed at how things worked they managed to find a task for me: "sand dusting" with this cool machine ;-) So I took my task with real pride and I totally embraced it ;-)

It was a really great day. We were down valley at Murphy's place, the sun was shining, we were working while having some nice chilled Corona's and we just had SO much fun. As it was such an usual thing for me to do, I have to say I was having the time of my life.

It took us 6 hours to finish Sapo...and we also played it afterwards. Anto, Gus and Kimmy joined us at the end of the day and even when I was lucky enough to get the coin inside "sapo" I wasn't as excited as the time spent seeing the guys building it.

Thanks again Murphyto and Jason for that day. I had SO much fun :) We are "The Sapo team" ;-) (and after reading this you probably understand why I was so amazed, I'm rather useless at those things!)

You can see the photos of the whole process by clicking here. And you can even see a video of that day (and how handy I was) ;-) by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Hola Cate!!! que chulo tu blog! veo que has escrito mucho en poco tiempo, el domingo cuando quedamos estabas solo pensando en crearlo! jejeje, muy bien!

un beso!

Anonymous said...

Cate, ma sei troppo bona!
ma sei fidanzata???

ti prego dimmi che sei single e che posso venire a prenderti in sella al mio cavallo bianco...

Il tuo principe azzurro (indovinerai chi sono???!?? mah....)