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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Las Vegas

During my stay in Aspen we went to Las Vegas for 3 days and 3 nights. We drove from Aspen to Denver (4 hours) and then we took a 1.15hr flight to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Antonella, Gus and Raegan came along with me.

What to say about Las Vegas? Well, I have to say that the city totally exceeded my expectations! I expected lots of casinos, some roller coasters and lots of lights...I didn't expect an Adult Disneyworld!!

The main entertainment is in the "strip" which is a VERY big and wide street along which the most popular hotels are situated. Each hotel has its own characteristic and it's built according to what it's supposed to represent. We stayed at the Excalibur, which looked like a castle in the middle ages, and of course the whole inside decoration had that as a theme.

So you can imagine that the New York, New York was built as a small Manhattan and it included the Empire State and the Statue of Liberty; the Paris had the Eiffel Tower, the Venetian had canals and Gondolas, The Caesars had a small replica of the Trevi Fountain....you get the picture.

Even though it appears that the hotels are next to each other, walking from the beginning of the strip to the other takes FOREVER. Each hotel is HUGE!!!! So we did quite some walking.

The cool thing is that you can walk in Las Vegas with your very big glass of beverage (I mean alcoholic one), which can be re-filled in another hotel. There's escalators and moving walks ALL over...so you can go from one hotel to the other easily.

Inside each hotel there's a whole world: restaurants, bars, theatres, shops, swimming pools, discos, chapels for the spontaneous weddings and of course, the casino! Once inside a hotel...you have NO clue whether is day or night.

During the 3 days we tried to visit most of the hotels, we had delicious meals, we enjoyed the over 30 degree weather by the swimming pool, we rode all the roller coasters, we drank very nicely, we watched the Cirque du Soleil and we obviously gambled.

Las Vegas it's a great place to go and have fun....even though money disappears SO fast...and I'm not talking about gambling money...everything is just so expensive that dollars leave your wallet way too fast.

Still, I'd definitely love to go back!

If you want to look at my photos from las vegas go to this link http://picasaweb.google.com/antonellab82/LasVegas2007?authkey=1wmtHR6xttY

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