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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Peru reunion: wild night!

On Wednesday 21st we decided to make a "Peru reunion" with all the people that were in Aspen and that had attended Anto's and Gus' wedding back in October last year. We decided to go to "Cantina", a Mexican restaurant downtown Aspen. I had already been there the last time I was in Aspen and I knew that the food was good and that they had some really nice Margarita Pitchers.

Anto, Gus, Greg, Murphy, Jason, Lucy and Kimmy joined us. Unfortunately Karina and "Jason 2" couldn't join us that evening, however we also had Greg's parents over who were visiting him that week. It was a nice and fun evening where we ate good, we drank quite some pitchers and and we had a nice chat.

I guess the evening started to take a different turn once someone suggested that I HAD TO HAVE the "Aspen ski shot". This Aspen ski shot is a group shot. The shot glasses are placed in a ski and then all the "drinkers" stand next to each other, hold the ski and down it (as you can see in the photo here).

We finished dinner before 10pm so some of us decided that we just couldn't go home yet...Anto and Gus were not working the next day, I was on holidays....in the end the 3 of us, Lucy, Jason and Murphy went to "Texas red" where they were having a karaoke evening.

By that time not everybody was drunk enough to sing...however I like singing so Anto and me sang a very nice interpretation of "La Isla Bonita" from Madonna. After our singing and after several Coronas, Gus picked a song for the guys. They sang a country song which was only known by Gus...however Jason and Murphy did quite good at singing certain parts of the lyrics: " but you don't have to call me darling, darling" ;-)

Gus and Anto left a little after 1am. This means that it was only 4 of us left. After some more booze, Lucy decided that she was ready to sing and she and me had the last song of the evening (before they kicked us out), we gave a memorable performance of "If I could turn back time" from Cher....not only us, Jason and Murphy were quite enthousiastic cheering for us in the dance floor!

Once we had to leave we went to the only opened bar at that point, it was "Cooper street". In it, Lucy and me were the only girls, and it was full with rather drunk guys. We befriended this guy who had lived in the Netherlands and the barman. We had a couple of shots of vodka and we tried to play a game which name I can't remember...but then it was time to leave this place as well. However, our friend the barman was very considerate and gave us plastic cups so we could pour our drinks there, BUT we had to live by the back door!

Once outside, at which point you can imagine we were quite drunk, we were in this alley. I have no idea how this happened but suddenly Murhy and Jason thought that it was a good idea to climb the walls of one of the buildings. They climbed rather effortlessly and they were up there for quite a while...meanwhile Lucy and me tried to make them come down.

Once the guys came down, I REALLY needed to pee....this is also a bit cloudy in my mind but somehow Murphy guided me along Aspen alleys where I found a nice "peeing spot"...ok you can get it that I was rather drunk huh?

The rest of the time wondering the streets of Aspen includded us hiding from a police car and hugging the statue of a bear in one of the main streets...it's all a little blurry but well documented in photos ;-)

At a certain point, by this time I had totally lost the track of time, we all ended up at Jason's place. Lucy appointed herself as DJ, Murphy did some "rapping" in the stove (??) and Jason decided we needed more alchol (as if)...so he made a very nice cocktail with some Pisco. We all had so much fun, we drank, we danced, we wore Jason's funky socks and fuzzy slippers and we did make plenty of noise for Jason's flatmates. I have no clue at what time but eventually we all collapsed into the couches.

Next morning, we had the mother of the hangovers, we drank PLENTY of water and we just tried to remember what we had done the night before. Poor Lucy had to leave "early", at 11am as she had to do some snowmobiling at 12pm. Jason, Murphy and me eventually got our asses into Jason's truck and somehow Anto and Gus came to our rescue...they prepared a very greasy brunch for us.

It was a rather fun evening. I heard something from Jason that they had to proof me that they can also party the whole night long in Aspen...just like in Peru ;-) well....it's true guys!

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