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Monday, April 23, 2007

Just a weekend in Amsterdam

The heat wave left us somewhere during mid last week, however spring is still here (we actually can't believe it...I think I've never seen so many blue skies so constantly in the Netherlands!). Anyway, this means that me and my friends have taken advantage of this and we've had a really nice weekend.

I started with a "pre-weekend" activity on Thursday evening where me and some friends went for dinner to the "Blue tea house" which is located in the Vondelpark. We still managed to make it an early evening so I managed to go work on Friday and in the evening I met a friend in De Pijp to catch up.

On Saturday, my friend Aleksandra was having a housewarming party at 4pm in the north part of Amsterdam.

Now, for the ones that don't know Amsterdam let me tell you that this city has totally spoiled me. I come from Lima a VERY big city where I used to spend about one hour in a "combi" (small bus) to go from home to university every day. I did the same when I was living in London where it took me about 1 hour and 20 minutes to get from home to work (by underground and a bus).

However Amsterdam is a different story. Amsterdam is more like a village than a city...and my life is always around the same areas. After all the Netherlands is the European country with more population density...we are kind of on top of each other, and there are SO many things next to the other. I don't even live in the centre, but it takes me less than 10 minutes by bike to get to the centre (I literally have to cross the Vondelpark). When I have to go somewhere and I have to cycle over 15 minutes I already start thinking it's a little far. 20, means far...and more than 20...it's rather annoying ;-) So yes, I'm totally spoiled here.

Anyway, all this explanation to tell you that Aleks' house was in the North of Amsterdam (behind central station). You have to understand that my view of Amsterdam is a little like the one that Europeans had of the world before Christopher Columbus discovered America. For me Central Station is THE NORTH...and anything behind is some land after the water ;-) haha So having to look for the address on the map and trying to figure out a cycle way...was quite a challenge ;-) However I did manage to get there, I got a little lost but after 35 minutes I got there.

We spent a nice afternoon and evening in the roof top terrace until the sun was gone and we started getting cold. We ended the party in Alek's nice livingroom, having some nice chats, drinking some wine, eating lots of yummy things and overlooking a beautiful view. You'll see it on the photos!

At about 22:30, 7 of us made our way into the centre to Zebra Lounge, a nightclub where Vitor, a good friend of mine was celebrating his 32nd party. Vitor is a real "party animal". He's the friend that whenever I feel like going out and dance or I want to know "what's on" in the Amsterdam night life agenda I call and usually he can put me on the guestlist. It was a really great party, 4 different DJs made a great combination of music, the crowd was great, several of my friends were there. I had a really nice time.

I cycled home at around 3 am...I had been partying and drinking since 4pm if you remember....

You can see a few photos of this by clicking here

On Sunday we had a GORGEOUS spring day! And so I joined Joost, Aleks, Geert jan and Daf in Saxy (the boat). We cruised around the Amsterdam canals while finishing all the remaining food from the party the day before...the people from the other boat were very jealous of our vast variety of cheeses: Brie, Camembert, Goat cheese, Blue cheese, Cheese with Dille, Cheese with Nuts...you got it right?

It was a really fun and beautiful afternoon. The sun was shining over Amsterdam and the wateer and I actually took out my camera and decided to take all the photos that normally tourists would take and that I never do (as I'm not a tourist anymore) and when I downloaded them yesterday evening, I realised what I already know...I LOVE Amsterdam. It's such a beautiful city, and no wonder I fell in love with it! :)
Look up the photos of my beautiful Amsterdam here (can you tell I love this city?)

And you can also view 2 videos: Prinsengracht and me cycling back home yesterday evening


Anonymous said...

Que chevere!
I see you are really falling for Amsterdam..

Me gustó mucho tu foto en el barco con Joost , Aleks y el tremendo!


Anonymous said...

I took that boat as well! It was a nice trip ;) with Joost, Julien, Peter, Cate and Arnie!!!

Please send my greetings to Joost, Peter and Daf (hey tremendo.. a los anos que te veo ;P)